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Point of Sale Service

First Citizens Point of Sale service is truly in a class of its own.

Time and time again, we have demonstrated our leadership and visionary service delivery through our leading edge customized point of sale solutions, supported by our unbeatable after sales support.

Our domination in the “Pay at the Pump” market with the nation’s two service station chains plus our first mover status in both the “Wireless” and “IP terminal” markets drastically changed the landscape of the point of sale market in terms of convenience and security for the restaurant, distribution and multi lane merchants.

This only demonstrates our strong capability to flex and customize while identifying and satisfying our merchants needs, ahead of and better than the competition.

We take it a step further; viewing our relationship with you as a partnership, ensuring that you receive strong accounting and reconciliation support, so that managing your business is just as easy as accepting your sales with your First Citizens terminals.


What can our Point of Sale solutions do for you?

Our Point of Sale solutions:

  • increase your attractiveness to your customers, meeting their expectations of an easy convenient payment option and
  • reduce your risk and improve your operations, at affordable rates, as you now handle smaller volumes of cash

All our Point of Sale solutions accept both debit and credit card transactions, including LINX, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.


What types of terminal solutions does First Citizens offer?

  • “Pay at the Pump” customized solution for service stations: this service is predominantly offered by First Citizens and can be found at numerous NP and Unipet service stations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

    This convenient service provides a win win situation for both the merchant and customer, i.e. fast Self Service for the customer, avoiding the dependency on a fuel attendant whilst the merchant saves on time to service other customers and reduces his cash intake.

  • Internet Protocol Terminals (IP terminals) for multilane merchants: first to market with this technology, First Citizens is eager for multilane merchants e.g. supermarkets and fast food chains, to lower their telecommunication costs and increase their operational efficiency by utilizing the cheaper Internal Protocol technology with higher levels of security.

    Several leading multilane and fast food chains can attest to this and have wholeheartedly embraced the winning cost and operational benefits of this newest First Citizens solution.

  • Wireless terminals for distribution and restaurant sectors: 
    Known for its expertise in the distribution sector, again being first in market with this technology, First Citizens provides industry appropriate solutions with its wireless terminals.

    The distribution sector can boldly state “No Cash on Board” as the mobile wireless terminals make their task inherently safer, allowing them to venture throughout T&T to sell and distribute their goods.

    Added to the invaluable benefit of increased security is improved operational efficiency in the areas of settlement and clearings as compared to normal cash systems and enhanced financial accountability.

    In addition to the above, restaurants benefit from greater card usage from customers as it is simply more convenient and the customer is more confident using his/ her card once the point of sale machine is brought to the table, in full sight as the transaction is processed.

  • Landline terminals for just about any business with simple needs of providing the best customer shopping convenience and improving the business’ safety and operations.


How can I apply for a First Citizens Point of Sale terminal?

Our Point of Sale Marketing Officers are ready and willing to assist you. They can be contacted:

  • by email by sending your request to or
  • by telephone at 625 – 2893 Ext 2314, Ext 2315, Ext 2316 & Ext 2317.

We guarantee that you will receive a response to your email or your call within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


What are the required documents to apply for a point of sale machine?

We facilitate applications for registered businesses and request that the relevant registration documents be provided in order for the application process to begin.

Please click the relevant link on the left for documents required according to business type.


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