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Immortelle Fund

Enjoy long-term capital growth on your investment!
The Immortelle Income & Growth Fund is an established open-ended fund; an open-ended fund is one in which the number of units issued varies daily. This fund is denominated in Trinidad and Tobago currency (TT$). 
The key investment objective of the Fund is to allow the investing public to participate in the domestic, regional and international sectors through the purchase of units in the Fund. 
The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve income returns combined with medium to long-term capital appreciation with minimization of risk and reasonable safety of capital. 
This fund caters to the medium to long-term needs of our customers with a moderate risk tolerance.

Download Immortelle Income and Growth Brochure


  • Income generation through declared dividends (at the Trustee's discretion)
  • Dividends credited to your chosen account or re-invested in your fund
  • Quarterly statements to track the progress of your investment
  • Affordable starting investment of at least $500
  • Further investments of at least $100
* This fund is not insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago.


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