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Take the First Step to Safety

No need to come into a Branch! We deliver your card to you!

Step 1: Request your New Card:

There are many ways to request your new Linx Visa Debit EMV Card:-

1. Update your contact information and mailing address and email using Online Banking
2. Send an email to
3. Send a Secure Message via Online Banking
4. Click here to speak with an agent



Update your contact information and mailing address using Online Banking

Here's how:

1. Sign into Online banking with your “User ID” and “Password”

3. Click on the "My Home" Tab

3. Select the "About me" Tab

4. Verify your information. In the event the information is no longer valid, we ask that you update by making the relevant changes.

5. Click submit and you are finished!


Step 2 - Your Card will be delivered to your doorstep!

Once your request has been recieved, TTPOST will deliver to your mailing address.

TTPOST will also deliver the “ Interactive Electronic Services Agreement" which enables you to use the electronic services required for activation of the card. If you already have these electronic services, an updated copy will be returned to us to place on your file.

TTPOST will safely and confidentially return your signed Agreement to us. An agent will then contact you to register for Online Banking & Telebanking.

Important to note: You should activate your new card as soon as you receive it as your current card will be disabled one (1) month from the date of letter within the package.


Step 3: Self activate your card using Telebanking via 62-FIRST or 223-4322:

Here’s what you need to do when your card has arrived:

1. With your new card in hand, call 62-First (623-4778) or 223-4FCB (4322)

2. Select Option 1 for the Self Service System – you will be prompted to enter your CIF number which is the same as your User ID for internet banking and your telebanking PIN. If you cannot remember your telebanking PIN, please follow the instructions to reset your telebanking PIN via online banking: 

  • Click on the “My Home” Tab
  • Select the “Security Information” Tab
  • Authenticate by entering your existing password within the first field then scroll down to Telebanking PIN
  • Enter and Confirm your New 4-digit telebanking PIN in the relevant fields
  • Click submit and you are finished.

3. Using the Self Service System Option #1, Select Option #6 to activate your card

4. Enter your 16 digit card number, the last 4 digits of your account number and your date of birth in the format yyyy-mm-dd e.g. if you we born January 1 2000, enter your date of birth as 2000 01 01

5. Choose a four (4) digit PIN only know to you and that you will remember

6. Your card will now be activated and can be used immediately