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Auto Rental Insurance


VISA Business Classic, Business Gold, Gold, Platinum and Signature cardholders may get free Auto Rental Insurance each time they rent a car using their VISA credit card. Certain conditions apply.

In order to become eligible for this free insurance coverage, the cardholder should be the designated driver in the rental car agreement, and use the Visa card as the method of payment. The agreement should also include the other drivers’ names. The cardholder should use his VISA credit card to initiate and complete the rental car transaction. The cardholder should waive the option of Collision Damage Waiver/ Liability Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) or similar coverage offered by the rental car agency.



Visa Auto Rental Insurance for VISA credit card cardholders covers up to the actual car value in cash, or repair costs or the replacement of a rental vehicle for damages due to collision or theft while the car was in the cardholder’s possession.


Policy includes the following specific costs:

  • Damages due to collision
  • Theft and charges in relation to the car’s theft
  • Charges due to harmful vandalism against the car
  • Proven charges due to loss of usage of vehicle, taxes by car rental agency
  • Loss due to accidental fire as long as the liability rests with the cardholder


Policy does not includes the following specific costs:

  • Any liability undertaken by the cardholder pursuant to other agreements
  • Injuries to any person or damages to any object inside or outside the rental car
  • Loss or theft of personal belongings
  • Civil liability
  • Undertaken, waived to or paid charges by the car rental agency or insurance company
  • The insurance coverage cost purchases through the car rental agency
  • Car operation and care contrary to rental agreement terms
  • Loss due to intentional acts, or loss caused by admitting guilt or by being sued and declared guilty by a court for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or due to unlawful activities or smuggling
  • Wear and tear and gradual deterioration or mechanical failure
  • Losses due to any type of hostility (including war, invasion, rebellion or riot)
  • Forfeiture by authorities
  • Vehicles not falling within the category of covered vehicles
  • Rental periods in excess of 31 days
  • Leases and mini-leases


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens if the car rental agency insists on the purchase of the insurance?

The cardholder should request the car rental agency assistant to contact Visa Service Center, at no charge, by calling the number assigned to the country, or by calling collect from anywhere in the world.

  • Where and when is the coverage applied?

This coverage is worldwide. It is available 24 hours a day and will remain in effect as long as the vehicle is held by any of the drivers named in the agreement. Said coverage will terminate as soon as the rental car agency picks up the rental car, or after the 31-day-rental period.

For VISA Gold cardholders: This insurance becomes effective when the cardholder rents a car within the 50 states of the United States of America and Canada (coverage is not valid in Puerto Rico and/or the Virgin Islands of the United States).
For VISA Platinum cardholders: effective worldwide.
For VISA Signature cardholders: effective worldwide.

  • What type of insurance coverage is this?

Visa Auto Rental Insurance offers "primary" coverage except in the country of residence of the cardholder, where coverage shall be "secondary". This means there is no need to claim payment to any other insurance company prior to receiving benefits pursuant to this policy.

  • What types of rental cars are covered?

Most of them, including some luxury cars, such as BMW or Mercedes Benz. Some minivans designed to transport a maximum of eight passengers and to be used exclusively for passenger transportation, such as Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager and Chevrolet Lumina, are also covered. Jeeps (4 x 4) are covered, as long as they are not driven outside the road. Some of these include Jeep Renegade and Suzuki Samurai.

If the cardholder has any questions regarding a specific vehicle, he should call Visa Service Center.


Rental Cars not covered

Rental cars that are not covered include expensive and exotic cars, such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Bricklin, Daimler, DeLorean, Excalibur, Ferrari, Jensen, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche and Rolls-Royce; old cars (more than 20 years old and which have been discontinued 10 years ago); trucks, motorcycle, "mopeds" and motor bikes; limousines and recreation vehicles.

  • What should the cardholder do in case of accident or theft?

If a cardholder is involved in an accident, or if the rental car is stolen, he should promptly notify Visa Service Center. A representative will answer any questions that the cardholder or the rental car agency assistant may have and will forward a Claim Form to the cardholder.

The rental car agency may demand the cardholder to pay for damages using the VISA card. If this occurs, the insurance company will give a direct refund to the cardholder, upon completing the claim procedure.

The cardholder should notify the incident to the VISA Rental Car Program Administrator (by calling VISC, who will transfer to him) no later than 60 days following the accident or theft. Failure to do so may result in the denial of the claim.

  • What should the cardholder request the rental car agency in order to file the claim?

Soon after the accident occurs or after the cardholder has returned the rental car, he should request the rental car agency the following:

A copy of the Accident Report Form and a Claim Form indicating the costs the cardholder is responsible for

A copy of the initial and final rental agreement (both sides)

A copy of the repair estimate and the final repair bill

If available, two photographs of the vehicle showing the damages

For those claims including “charges for loss of use” by the rental car agency, a copy of the Daily Utilisation Record, corresponding to said loss period, if any

  • How is the claim filed?

The cardholder should notify the incident to the VISA Rental Car Program Administrator (by calling VISC, who will transfer to him) no later than 60 days following the accident or theft.

The cardholder should complete and sign the claim form received and return it by mail along with:

  • A copy of his sales receipt evidencing that the full rental price was charged and paid with his Visa Gold/Platinum card
  • All the documents received by the cardholder from the rental car agency (refer to above-mentioned list under "What should the cardholder request the rental car agency to file the claim?") no later than 90 days following the date the damages or theft occurred, to:

Claims Administrator
Visa Auto Rental Insurance
PO Box 11167
Richmond, VA 23230-1167

Once the cardholder has notified the damages or loss, the claim will remain open during 12 months as of the date of said loss. During this time, the cardholder must justify his claim, as needed. No payment will be made until the Visa Auto Rental Insurance Program Administrator has received all the required documentation in his office.

  • What should the cardholder do?

In most cases, nothing. Under normal circumstances, the claim will be paid within 15 days of the date the Claims Administrator has received all the required documentation. However, as soon as the claim is paid, all the cardholder’s rights against any person in relation to this theft or these damages will be transferred to the Insurance Provider. This means that the Provider will be entitled, at his own risk, to file a complaint on behalf of the cardholder. This, in turn, must offer the Provider assistance as he may reasonable request with the purpose of assuring the rights and resources he is entitled to, including the signature of all the necessary documents empowering him to file a complaint on his behalf.


General Program Provisions

  • The cardholder should try to avoid or reduce any losses or damages to property protected under this program. It must be taken into account that the Provider will not apply this provision in an unreasonable manner to avoid claims. If cardholder files a claim knowing that it is fraudulent in any way, the benefits granted by this protection will terminate and he will also lose his rights to receive payment of any claim filed pursuant to this policy. This insurance is subject to the terms and conditions described, and includes certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions. This Program description does not constitute an insurance policy. In the event of conflict between the policy and the program description, the policy terms will prevail. This policy has been filed at Visa International offices.


  • If any cardholder needs to file a claim or has any questions in relation to this program, he must call, at no charge, the Visa Service Center, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Visa International, may cancel or renew the insurance coverage of any Visa cardholder, and if we do so, we will notify you at least 60 days in advance. If the insurer does not renew or cancel any coverage provided to Visa cardholders, it will be notified 60-120 days prior to the policy expiration date. In the event a substantially similar policy comes into effect, with no interruption whatsoever, said notification will not be required. The Auto Rental Insurance will still apply to the cars in effect prior to the date of said cancellation or non-renewal, provided all the other coverage terms and conditions are met.


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