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Delayed Luggage Protection

Description of coverage
As a Visa Signature cardholder, you, your spouse and dependent children under 23 years of age will each be automatically insured up to a maximum of US$500 each for reasonable unavoidable expenses incurred for emergency replacement of essential items during an Insured Trip if during said Insured Trip the Carrier delays delivery of your baggage, misdirects it or temporarily loses it for over six hours, or delivery of baggage is delayed as a result of the disappearance of the Carrier. The Insured must be a ticketed passenger on an aircraft operated by a scheduled airline registered with the OAG (Official Airline Guide) on a regularly scheduled flight, or a maritime or land conveyance operated by a licensed common carrier duly authorized to transport passengers, and the full travel fare must be charged to your covered International Visa Card. All Claims need to be verified by the Common Carrier.


  • Written proof of Carrier’s delay in delivering the baggage must be submitted with the claim, along with original receipts for the costs incurred to replace essential items.
  • Delay of the Insured Trip must be longer than six hours.
  • Confiscation or seizure by Customs or other governmental authority cannot be grounds for a claim to recover losses or expenses.
  • Only claims related to clothing or essential items purchased as a result of baggage delay will be considered if the items were purchased within four days from the actual date of arrival at destination.
  • Baggage that is allegedly delayed or lost must be formally claimed at the port of destination by immediately filing the appropriate documents with the Carrier.
  • Benefit will be paid in excess of any reimbursement provided by the Carrier for emergency replacement of essential items.
  • The insured must use a VISA card or cash for the purchase of the essential items. Purchases made with a non VISA credit or debit card will not be covered.
  • Cover under this Section only commences once You have left the Point of Departure.
  • The benefit will be a maximum of $100 per hour starting with the seventh hour, up to five additional hours. The maximum benefit is $500.

Specific definitions:
Default means the Carrier’s inability to perform its contractual obligations to Insured.

EXCLUSIONS – Additional to General Exclusions applicable to all Articles
We will not pay essential expenses incurred:

  • If you were provided similar alternative transportation within the Excess stipulated in the Benefits Program after the scheduled departure time of a flight that was reserved or within the Excess stipulated in the Benefits Program after actual arrival of the flight (in the case of a connection flight) or
  • If you do not check in according to your scheduled itinerary, except when said inaction is due to strike,industrial action or
  • If the delay is due to an industrial strike or action or mechanical/electrical malfunction or malfunction of the aircraft or vessel where you were scheduled to travel, which existed or for which advance notice was given on the start date or prior to the start date of the Insured Trip, or
  • If the delay is due to temporary or permanent suspension of the service of an aircraft or public transportation company by order or recommendation of any port authority or the Civil Aviation Authority or any other similar entity in any country for which advance notice was given on the start date or prior to the start date of the Insured Trip, or
  • The Carrier caused delays and the same Carrier is able to repay the cost of expenses, or If the delay resulted from a suspected bomb, bomb threat or bomb search, or
  • If you have returned. It is assumed that you have returned to your usual place of residence and do not need emergency replacement of essential items.

How do I submit a claim?
You must call the Visa Assistance Center. The representative will answer any questions you may have and will send you a Claim Form. Once you submit the Common Carrier’s Claim Forms and Claim determination documents along with any other information required to support a claim, the insurance company will reimburse you directly, once the claim has been finalized.

You must notify the Claims Administrator within 30 days following the date of loss or damage. Not doing so could result in the denial of your claim.

Once you receive the Claim Form, complete it and mail it with the following documentation:

  • A copy of both your customer statement and Common Carrier Ticket, as proof that the entire travel Fare was purchased with your valid Visa International card
  • Written proof of common Carrier’s delay

The documents requested above must be mailed within time frame stated on the claim form to:
Claims Administrator
Visa Common Carrier Baggage Loss Insurance
P.O. Box 11167
Richmond, VA 232301167

If claims are paid by the Company it is entitled to recover what was paid from other responsible parties or persons. Any party or person to or for whom the Company makes payment must transfer to us his rights of recovery against any other party or person for the portion of the claim paid by the Company. This party or person must do everything necessary to secure these rights and must do nothing that would jeopardize them.



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