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Mortgage Webinars

First Citizens invites you to its second webinar series Mortgages – Everything You Need to Know. This is a four (4) part series which provides a wealth of knowledge from industry experts on home ownership from the comfort of your home or office. These sessions are absolutely FREE, simply click on the links below and register. Please see the schedule of the sessions for your reference below:

Session One: Starting Right- August 16th 2012.

Am I ready to own my own home? Should I buy? Should I build? What can I afford? What are the costs associated with home ownership? What should I do first? What are the current market conditions? If you can relate to any of these questions, then this introductory session is for you. We will be discussing these issues amongst others and give you the steps to take to ensure your path to home ownership is a smooth one.


Session Two: Buying a Home- August 29th 2012.

It truly is a dream to buy your own home, but for some people this has been a total nightmare. In this session, we provide all the information associated with buying a home so there are no surprises. We will be discussing pre-approvals and related costs such as: - down payments, legal fees, stamp duty etc. We will also be discussing the legal process, searching for a home, current market conditions and much more.


Session Three: Building a Home- 06th September 2012.

Many persons shy away from building their home because of the perceived hassle associated with this process. However, by the end of this session you would be pulling out your tools and starting to build your dream home. We will be discussing the steps necessary to ensure a smooth process, building plans and approvals, estimated construction costs, timelines and much more.


Session Four: Using the Equity in your Home- 20th September 2012.

You have worked hard to own your own home or property and now it is time to make your home work for you. What is equity? How do I know how much equity I have in my property? What can I use this for? How can I access this? In this session, we will be addressing all of these issues in order for you to access funds for renovations, travel, vacation, education, medical expenses and much more.


We are happy to share this valuable information with you, so save the dates and invite your friends. We look forward to chatting with you!

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